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Luis Garsia Martines, Barcelona, Spain
I like jazz-rock, progressive-rock and jazz very much. I always dreamed of a powerful stereo pair which could be placed in the big hall, and effective music listening. The Torre acoustic pair of the Campanile series – that was my selection. It has met all my apparently fantastic expectations. The sound field is unusually homogeneous … precise articulation … the way it should be. High accuracy of sound reproduction is not an empty phrase, it is reality. Yes, it’s time to get a home theatre … and I even know which columns I shall purchase this time. Only Campanile! Forever!
Christian Schmidt, Cologne, Germany
I purchased the acoustics for a long time and for the whole family. The main reasons for purchase were its consistent and high-quality sound. Torre meets all our needs completely. The Torre front pair in our home cinema turns movie watching into a fascinating virtual travel to various countries, continents, and worlds. The large area of sound scope, occupying the entire drawing room, allows movie watching in amicable company, and nobody feels they are deprived. Music of any genre, and everyone in our family has his own preferences – opera, jazz, rock and pop – sounds in its own way, but according to the traditions of the genre. Nobody expected the purchase to be so successful!
Andrea Belucci, Rome, Italy
Having heard Torre acoustics for the first time, I fell in love with it. I like the way the guitar, classical and electronic music play… For rock music I would still suggest use of a sub… though the acoustics even without that allow reproduction of low frequencies with an absolute articulation. Its cinema sound is superb, all rustlings are audible, and they confuse you – does it happen outdoors or at your place? I have noticed no distortions at high volume. I think there are no acoustics better than Torre in the class!
John Murphy, Dublin, Ireland
Incredible acoustics … sound at Bolzano Villetri™ level!!! A very good purchase for a true rock admirer… if you need some drive, these acoustics will give it. Jazz and classics are even better!!!
Marcos Fernando, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
After this acoustics purchase the first impression was that all musical instruments had found their places in the air. The sound is precise, positioned … quality does not depend on the volume, and that really pleases!
Peter Kohlmaier, Vienna, Austria
I chose these columns since they just eclipsed everything that I had ever heard! In view of my ten years’ experience of communication with acoustics I can draw a conclusion that such a price/quality ratio is hardly possible with anything else. Their sound amazes with its balance: everything is sufficient, just as much as required, there is no opacity or excessive detailing. By the way the system is best with live music, but maybe that is my subjective opinion. Torre builds a fine stereo panorama rich in sound images. Recordings possess a precise arrangement of voices and instruments across the stage … I was surprised by the fact that this effect is never lost even at low volume levels. Clarity and volume! Absolute A-grade!!!

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