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BG 760: Historical Overview

One of the most beautiful places in Northern Italy situated on the lake Como for hedonistic relaxation…

The particular fascination of Bellagio conquered poets and artists ever since the Renaissance and ever since the nineteenth century a great number of well known foreign visitors have come here  from Shelley to Longfellow and from Stendhal to Flaubert and Liszt.

About 150,000 visitors per year stay at the legendary Bellagio to lose themselves in the characteristic little steep streets which house many shops or in the romantic gardens of Villa Melzi or in those of Villa Serbelloni.

The cult of Bellagio place became incarnated in Bellagio speakers. They surely trace the same unmatched magnetism and romantic flavor.

Bolzano Villetri were enthusiastic about the creation of the speakers, unconventional in form, delicate and refined, just chaste – easily fitting into elegantly small-sized interiors.

The materials for Bellagio are strictly selective, they are only natural. The use of leather and rare wood types (you can choose either light or dark finish) endows Bellagio speakers with an original touch of design perfection.

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