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Floorstanding Speakers - Campanile

Campanile is a series of acoustic systems by Bolzano Villetri™, fully satisfying all requirements of the Hi-Fi acoustics class. Campanile is a true masterpiece in its class.

Developed with the latest unique "RoundStream®" technology, these acoustic systems are noted for their volumetric, expressive sound, precise articulation, detail at different volume levels and an incredible lightness of reproduced sound effects.

Floorstanding Speakers - Campanile: Torre

               BV 3005 TORRE

Floorstanding Speakers - Campanile: Piazzetta

          BV 3003 PIAZZETTA

Floorstanding Speakers - Campanile: Duomo

             BV 3002 DUOMO


Floorstanding Speakers- Bellagio

Bellagio 700 Series by Bolzano Villetri™ is a stunning new achievement in sight and sound. Our engineering team set out to create an uncompromising line of loudspeakers that would make full use of Bolzano Villetri‚Äôs cutting edge driver design and assembly, and superb furniture craftsmanship; a range of loudspeakers that will have a profound influence on the design and performance of home loudspeakers for decades to come.

Floorstanding Speakers - Bellagio: BG 780

                    BG 780

Floorstanding Speakers - Bellagio: BG 760

                    BG 760

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