MapleAcoustic System: Maple

Maple is a hard, a homogeneously dense wood with beautiful cross-grain. Maple grows in areas of temperate climate across all Europe, in North America and the Far East. Maple wood is white with a silky sheen, sometimes slightly pinkish or yellowish.

Maple is beautiful in any season. Maple blossom is unusual, and has a slight original aroma, which you will notice approaching the tree, which can remind one of clover or fresh wild strawberry. Maple trees are especially beautiful in the autumn when the leaves turn all shades of amber.

Maple represents the tree being in direct relation to music. Maple wood possesses high acoustic quality. Due to the uniformity of the wood sound is distributed in it with identical speed, both across and along its grain.

Maple is a remarkable tree, and there is something attractive and harmonious in its simplicity.