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20 December, 2007
Bolzano Villetri again in Las Vegas at CES 2008

Consumer Electronics Show 2008 is approaching to consolidate the global top brands of the tech savvy admirers.

How Bolzano Villetri manufacturers plan to have an impact on you at CES 2008?

You, without a doubt will be eyeing up the divine Campanile 3000 series, not able to take your eyes off the Torre and Piazzetta which comes in the sexiest finishes: Ebony, Mahogany and Walnut Root.

This year the manufacturers Bolzano Villetri are expecting to have even a greater breakthrough this year, as the number of worshippers of counter-aperture - as the fundamental principle of loudspeaker engineering is ever growing.

At CES 2008, we will be proud to show you the brand new home theatre based on Bellagio 700 Series. It will surround you with the sound so rich and natural it pulls you right into the action. Along with the theatre room, we would like to introduce you to our audiophile installation accomplished with Campanile 3000 loudspeaker line. Roundstream technology allows our loudspeakers to reveal nuances of musical composition to everyone in the room, not only to a few properly localized listeners.

We are proud to invite you to our suite #30-118 at The Venetian tower where you will experience the new concept of sound.

Bolzano Villetri again in Las Vegas at CES 2008

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