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25 September, 2007
4 days of Bolzano Villetri at Milano’s TopAudio

This year's anniversary Top Audio & Video show in Milan paid a great tribute to Bolzano Villetri Loudspeakers system!

During the TAV's four days in Milan the set-up in Bolzano room was different every day, changing from solid state to valve amplifier. The aim was to demonstrate how universal and simple to drive BV speakers. The first day sound system was composed of Meridian G02 Preamplifier, Meridian G57 stereo power amplifier (200 watt per channel, class A/B), Meridian G08 CDP and wonderful sounding and looking Piazzetta 3003, interconnected with MIT cables. The sound of this set-up hit the target!

A powerful sound system that drive you closer to the music!

The second day the set-up changed to valve amplifier by New Audio Frontiers: Absolute valve preamplifier and stereo 845 Single Ended (20 watt per channel, class A) with the same transport and interconnection. The sound of BV Piazzetta became more colorful and sweet with a wonderful, deep soundstage! The BV Piazzetta loudspeakers disappeared and musicians it selves performed within the room 103!

The third day again the tubes! This time was the day of romantic 300B, the queen of tubes! System was composed of New Audio Frontiers Supreme 300B integrated amplifier (18 watt per channel, class A), Meridian G08 CDP, again MIT cables. A system that had the power to meet your secret desires!
Romantic vocals with silky highs and sound.. so warm, so sweet, so intimate that were beloved at first listening of all visitors!
Many visitors agreed with us, telling: .."This year the Bolzano room #103 is a pure joy to my ears and eyes"..
.."because the Piazzetta loudspeakers system sound perfect in this room and the tube amplification gives the magic I'm searching for"..
.." where are the louspeakers? I listen the music so vivid and engaging that seems to me to be in the room with musicians"..

Finally we at Bolzano Villetri can assert without doubts that whichever is your amplification (valve or solid state) and your listening tastes, every listening session becomes an event not easy forget!

Check for news updates, we are planning a very interesting event in Italy very soon!

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