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19 March, 2007
Bolzano Villetri in Rome, TAV Show

The Top Audio & Video show had acclaimed the Bolzano Villetri room as one of the best sounding room of the show.

Many visitors were impressed to the new concept of omnidirectional sound by wonderful Torre.

Many sound engineers and specialized press declared "... the big pleasure sound spouse the perfect form in Torre system...", and "... a new concept in sound reproduction...", also ".. never I have listened a sound so powerful, so delicate, so impressive to take away my breath..!".

This TAV show was at the first time in Rome and the visitors from Italy and foreign country were massive.

The sound was a big surprise to everybody have listened the Bolzano Villetri in Milan connected to solid state amplification, because the amount of pleasure was enormous with only 30 watt tube amplification by AIFAI.

In the same manner Gino Trifiro, the designer of excellent tube amplification, declared ".. the Torre system represent a very simple job for my tube amplifiers, the impedance is flat and the sensivity (92db) is a great match for tube amplification..".

We will meet at the next TAV show in Acitrezza (Catania, Sicily from 21/4/07 to 22/4/07) to live a new Bolzano Villetri sound experience!

All Bolzano Villetri sound lovers are ready!

Sandro Penna, Italian distributor.

Sandro Penna, Italian distributor

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