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26 April, 2006
April 20th, 2006-Moscow, Kathrine’s Palace

On the 20th of April, a press-conference devoted to the large scale world market expansion of the innovative acoustic systems of Bolzano Villetri - took place in Katherine’s Palace, Moscow. The launch of Bolzano Villetri happened less than one year ago at a London Hi-Fi and Home Entertainment Show in 2005. Today the demand for these acoustics exceeds the supply. This phenomenon was widely covered at the press conference.

The main concept behind Bolzano Villetri’s production is a new Round Stream technology based on the counter aperture principle for loudspeaker construction. Here are some features of Round Stream technology:

  • A listener is not limited to the location of a stereo anymore. He can enjoy equal sound from any point on the premise. Round Stream sound guarantees a greater zone of comfortable listening.
  • Sound waves reflecting of the walls are the same as ones reaching the listener directly.
  • Phase distortions are smoothed out creating a sound that is easer on your hearing, giving a new meaning to the term “easy listening”.

Russian technology has taken the embodiment of Italian design. Italy has provided a strikingly modern appearance making powerful competition for well-known elite systems. Some technological novelties have helped Round Stream technology achieve its potential. For example PilotEdge technology helps re-direct sound waves and guarantees the focusing of the sound. Round Stream technology and PilotEdge working together create the Round Stream effect, which immerses the listener in an atmosphere of real sound.

Alexander Gaidarov - the scientist who conceived the counter-aperture principle of the acoustic system construction was present at the press-conference. “It is a great pleasure for me to see that Russian development gave birth to these powerful and elegant acoustic systems. Today the demand for the acoustic systems Bolzano Villetri is rising in the West. I’m anxious for Bolzano Villetri to be in the homes of the Russians who appreciate natural sound.” – A.S. Gaidarov.

The representative of the Russian party on the Bolzano Villetri project, talked about how the Russian development has been realized in Italy:
“The choice of Italy as a platform for the realization of this idea was influenced by the fact that Italians are recognized world wide for their skills of working with woods and varnishes. Today Bolzano Villetri acoustics are on display in more than 70 elite shops all over the world. The fast growing demand requires the company to consider additional opportunities to increase productive possibilities”

Igov Yevseyev, a representative of Nirovision (the exclusive distributor of Bolzano Villetri in Russia) described the features of Round Stream technology realized in Bolzano Villetri speakers. “Bolzano Villetri acoustics have a magnificent appearance but the sound is the main attraction. It is the nature of sound to be distinct but not to be directed in a certain vector. Bolzano Villetri brings us into a new era of electro acoustics. It allows us to hear music in its natural form: when a musical instrument makes a sound, that sound travels in all directions. Bolzano Villetri speakers produce sound in the same manner.”

The Italian party of the Bolzano Villetri project is represented by Enzo Baccega – the person responsible for production. He described the production process in detail. “Bolzano Villetri acoustics are luxury goods: their look is achieved by using rare woods finished with a special varnish specially created by Bolzano Villetri to be environmentally friendly. On Bolzano Villetri speakers, corners are rounded and this complicates the manufacturing process. But most and foremost it makes the design of Bolzano Villetri systems unique. All décor on the product is hand crafted. The sound from the system is crisp, clear and pure.

After the presentation the guests were invited to enjoy the sound of Bolzano Villetri. One can say: “We have a sound production revolution coming.”

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