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The history of electro-acoustics is a vivid illustration of absolute trust in the theoretical basis of ideas – acoustics.

The acoustic system carries out the function of transformation of electric signals into sound waves. Its obligatory attribute is the membrane, whose fluctuations create wave disturbances in the air.

Electro-dynamic direct radiation heads appeared at the start of the 1920’s and their core designs have not undergone major change since. Basic innovation in loudspeaker construction based on electrodynamic heads seemed improbable, however, the production of Bolzano Villetri™ acoustic systems clearly show this theory to be untrue as our revolutionary loudspeakers are living proof of product evolution.

The theory behind an acoustic system that represented natural, volumetric, sound effects appeared many years ago, the question remained however, how to achieve it?

In 1989 two talented experts, one a professional musician and avid admirer of pure sound, the other a prominent expert in the field of technical acoustics, brought together their raw knowledge and extensive experiences to produce their first ever acoustic sound system. They discovered that by simply installing the dynamic heads opposite each other the purity of sound produced was ground breaking!

From this moment forth, rapid development of a new concept in electro-acoustics began to evolve. Research and theoretical data was collated, systematized and then, the first acoustic system appeared. Generally regarded as the prototype for modern systems, the model became a huge success among a broad audience of experts and amateurs alike, thus setting the platform for future development.

Before the designers could sculpt the loudspeaker form the initial objective was to prove, without doubt, that the experimental breakthrough in new sound reproduction could stand the rigors and tests demanded by current industry experts. The first models were produced which would finally lead to the production of new loudspeaker construction technology and "RoundStream® Technology" was born.

The Initial problem of how to create high-quality acoustics for stereo systems was soon overcome as basic multi-channel systems, such as home cinema, took full advantage of the latest sound reproduction technology.

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